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Water Activity Meter
Water Activity Meter
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Jual Water Activity Meter

Spesifikasi Water Activity Meter


0~1.0aw Water Activity Meter

Model: WA-160A





●Fast test:measurement of water activity in 5 minutes

●Easy reading:water activity and temperature of the samples displayed together

●It has automatic shutdown, manual shutdown function and undervoltage alarm indication function

●Use "USB data line output" to communicate with PC

●The selection of "Bluetooth data output" is provided

The Water Activity, mainly reflects the amount of free water in the state of food balance, the stability of food and the possibility of microbial reproduction, and the chemical, enzyme and physical changes that can cause the change of food quality. It is often used to measure the dryness enduring ability of the microorganisms. By measuring the water activity of food and selecting reasonable packing and storage methods, the use of preservatives can be reduced and the shelf life of food, grain and fruits and vegetables can be judged.

WA-160A can be used to measure the water activity of foods. No matter when and where you need to measure water activity, WA-160A water activity meter is your unique choice. This is a real portable water activity meter, with a weight of only 100 grams, lighter than a mobile phone, and a precision of 0.02 aw, easy to measure water activity anytime and anywhere.

Display6 bit backlight LCD digital display, 3 bit humidity aw, 3 bit temperature display
Measurement Range0~1.0aw
Measurement Resolution±0.01aw
Measurement Accuracy±0.02aw
SensorNon conductive humidity sensor
Sampling Time5 Minutes
Operating ConditionTemp: 0~50°C;Humidity: <95%
Power Supply2x1.5vAAA Um-4 Battery

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