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Ultrasonic Homogenizer
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Jual Ultrasonic Homogenizer

Spesifikasi Ultrasonic Homogenizer

Ultrosonic Homogenizer

merk Dowell

merupakan instrumen ilmiah dan perangkat untuk mencampur  supaya homogen, mengekstraksi sample, memecah sel dll

Ultrasonic Cell Disruption Machine

Ultrasonic sonochemistry reactor advantage and features:

1.Needn't change customer's existing production equipment and technological process.
2.It can be upgraded to a general equipment by using a simple installation .
3.It have less investment on a new technology, production and efficiency are improved obviously.
4.It has no moving parts, no electromagnetic radiation, fixed installation is very simple.
5.suitable for the high pressure high temperature, toxic, explosive dangerous environment application.
6. Low power consumption, adaptation of wide,equipment almost don't have to do any modification.

Ultrasonic working situation Features
Mechanical mixing——Introducing ultrasonic chemical reaction system, the ultrasonic can give substance to be forced to exercise, produce one way energy accelerated the transfer and diffusion of material, can replace mechanical agitation, can make the material from the surface, so that the interface updates.
cavitation effect——Acoustic cavitation is refers to under the effect of sound waves, exists in the tiny air bubbles in the liquid (hole) in a series of dynamic process: oscillation, expand, shrink and collapse. In the event of a cavitation, a great difference to local state of liquid, extreme high temperature and high pressure is produced. As in the general conditions difficult or impossible chemical reaction provides a new very special physical and chemical environment
Catalytic chemical reaction——
① High temperature and high pressure conditions conducive to the reactants cracking into free radicals and bivalent carbon, forming a more lively reaction species;
②Shock waves and micro jet on the solid surface, such as catalyst have desorption and cleaning effect, can remove the surface reaction product or intermediate and catalyst surface passivation layer;
③The shock wave may destroy the structure of reactants;
④Dispersion of reactants;
⑤Ultrasonic cavitation erosion surface, shock waves cause the formation of metal lattice deformation and internal strain area, improve the activity of the chemical reaction of the metal;
⑥Make solvent into the solid interior, produce so-called mixed reaction;
⑦Improve the catalyst dispersion.
Working mode:
High-power ultrasonic focusing probe chemical processing system can have two kinds of working.
One is insert the probe into the reaction tank directly. Ultrasonic launch head inserted into the liquid, the ultrasound. By processing flow of liquid in the container, at the same time were the strong ultrasonic role. Reaction container size or temperature.
Another one is with our company special ultrasonic reaction kettle, constitute a complete chemical reactor. Treated liquid flow from one end of the reaction kettle, after the effect of ultrasonic, again from the other end. This way the minimal changes to the original chemical system, immediate effect.

Different types for choose as below:

the power can from 150w-1200w for different usage


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