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Thermopop thermometer with 360 rotating display
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26 Apr 2019
IDR 750.000


ThermoPop® Thermometer with 360° rotating display
Reference:  810-301
brand: ETI
Condition:  New

ThermoPop® Thermometer with 360° rotating display

fast response probe gives 5 to 6 second read time
backlit display & auto-power off function
3 colours available

The ThermoPop is a pocket-sized, waterproof (IP66) thermometer which incorporates a fast response Ø3 x 114 mm stainless steel penetration probe with reduced tip.

The thermometer incorporates a unique (patent pending) 360° rotating display. Simply push a button to rotate the display in 90° increments, enabling the user to read the temperature in any position ie. left hand, right hand, vertical or horizontal.

The ThermoPop indicates temperature over the range of -50 to 300 °C with a 1 °C/°F resolution. Available in a choice of 3 colours, each ThermoPop is supplied with a probe cover with integral pocket clip.

specification                                                   ThermoPop® thermometer
range                                                                      -50 to 300°C
resolution                                                               1°C /°F (switchable)
accuracy                                                                 ±1°C (-20 to 120°C)
battery                                                                    3 volt CR2032
battery life                                                              5000 hours
display                                                                    9 mm LCD
dimensions                                                             20 x 45 x 178mm
weight                                                                    30 grams

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