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Temperature Humidity Logger
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Jual Temperature Humidity Logger

Spesifikasi Temperature Humidity Logger

Temperature Humidity Logger


Small simple and affordable,  data logger can measure and record data at specified intervals ranging from once every 8 seconds to once every 4hours.

You can connect it to the computer, and extract the data.


There are 3 types of logging mode: Cycle Mode, Acyclic Mode, and Segmented Mode

Cycle Mode: When the memory is full, the oldest data sets stored will be overwritten by the new ones entered.

Acyclic Mode: when the memory is full, data record stops. (when memory is cleared via the PC software, Data record will restart.)

Segmented Mode: You can set max. 4 time periods through the setting menu on the PC software. These periods can’t be overlapped. The time period must be later than current time. It will start logging from the set start time and stop from the set end time in a time period.


Package Contents

1x data logger unit

1x USB cable


1x 3 V lithium battery CR2032

1x Instruction manual (English)

Untuk keterangan lebih lanjut, silahkan download PDF ini :