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Temperature Data Collector Logging and Spot Measurement
Temperature Data Collector Logging and Spot Measurement
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21 Agt 2019
United Kingdom
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Temperature data Collector Logging and Spot Measurement

Model EL-Enviropad-TC


This robust easy to use handheld device takes and records temperature readings via the attached K-type probe that is supplied with the unit. A large touch screen, colour display indicates temperature, maximum and minimum readings and will produce a graph of the data.

It has two functions ‘Data Logging’ and ‘Spot Measurement’;

- In ‘Data Logging’ mode, the EL-EnviroPad-TC can be set up and left to take temperature readings at pre-determined intervals for a desired length of time. 

- In 'Spot Check' mode, the EL-EnviroPad-TC can be used in two ways. Predefined Checklist Mode - used as an electronic checklist to do spot temperature checks on a predefined list of items and Spot Measurement - used as a thermometer to capture one-off temperature readings displayed on screen. 

This data can then be downloaded to PC via a USB connection and opened with Microsoft Excel® or download the software here. The unit is compatible with any J, K, N and T type thermocouple probes. 

Battery life     8 Hours

Data recording capacity (per recording)    65,536 Readings

Temperature rabge Type K -270 to 1300 C

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