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Solid Phase Extraction SPE-12
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Jual Solid Phase Extraction SPE-12

Spesifikasi Solid Phase Extraction SPE-12

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Product Numbers: SPE-12

Product description: SPE-12 Solid phase extraction (SPE) is a widely used and popular sample pretreatment instrument. The instrument used solid adsorbent to adsorb the target compounds in the liquid sample and separate them from the matrix and interfering compounds of the sample. Then it is eluted with eluent or desorbed by heating to achieve the purpose of separating and enriching the target compounds. Solid phase extraction instruments are widely used in environmental water quality analysis, food safety analysis, pharmaceutical analysis, bioengineering and other fields.


1. Good sealing, high consistency, anti-cross pollution and anti-atomization vacuum tank design.

2. Simple and rapid operation; no phase separation; easy to collect analysis components and process

 small sample.

3. can be equipped with large-capacity collection containers, can process samples in batches or can

 process samples individually.

4. The vacuum tank is made of special hard and thick acrylic, and its wall thickness is uniform,

which can withstand high negative pressure above -80kpa.

5. The internal test tube racks are made of high polymer materials, which are beautiful and corrosion

 resistant and will not be deformed under high pressure for long-term use.

6. The liquid circuit switch adopts high-quality valves, each valve independent control, durable and

 easy to operate.

Handling sample type and quantity10mmtubeX12
Vacuum degree≤-0.08Mpa
Vacuum tank internal dimensions215x57x140mm
Net weight2.8kgs

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