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Portable Homogenizer Fluko
Portable Homogenizer Fluko
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Jual Portable Homogenizer Fluko

Spesifikasi Portable Homogenizer Fluko

Portable Homogenizer


Portable micro homogenizer equipped with high speed and high precision two homogenate host work knife head, medical scissors, tissue forceps, burette, centrifuge tube, bottle. Hand operated, lightweight and convenient the large capacity battery. Suitable for outdoor or laboratory mobile operation.


Animal and plant tissue fragmentation, homogenates, medical diagnosis, micro dispersion, emulsi-fication and homogenization.

  • Motor power12V DC rechargeable lithium battery
  • Charger input voltage220-240V,50-60Hz 
  • Charger output voltage12V DC,3A
  • Capacity of lithium battery2Ah
  • Processing capacity (H₂O)0.5-60ml 
  • Maximum treatment viscosity100CP

  • Single charge time~1h
  • Continuous working time~1h (H₂O)
  • Speed range0-25000rpm
  • Speed controlStepless speed regulation
  • Indicator lightYes
  • Contact materialSS316L
  • Sleeve materialPTFE
  • Standard work head6GZL-1、8GZL-1
  • Allow ambient temperature, humidity5-40℃、80%

  • Process typeMicro batch treatment
  • Bracket, charger, spare lithium battery Standard

  • Outline size of main engine (including working head) 375×65×50

  • Suitcase size475×400×150
  • F8 host weight (including work head)~1kg

  • Package weight~6.5kg
  • Packing Aluminum suitcase

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