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Mini PCR MP 32
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Jual Mini PCR MP 32

Spesifikasi Mini PCR MP 32


Product description: MP-16/MP-32 series Mini PCR instruments is an ultra-light ultra-thin thermal cycle gene amplification instrument. Using 5-inch TFT high-definition true color full touch LCD screen, the whole program displays in real time with curve graph, par- ameter modification intuitive and convenient. Using the latest generation of semiconductor heat pump technology, excellent temperature accuracy and uniformity and have extremely high temperature change speed, to ensure high-quality experime- ntal results. Mini portable can be used on-board.

1、New and unique appearance, the interface operation is simple

     and convenient, ultra-light ultra-thin, mini portablecan be used


2、The latest generation of semiconductor technology, excellent

     augmentation performance, effectively eliminate the edge effect

     of module heat conduction, the module temperature uniformity


3、Fast heating/cooling rate, maximum can attain 5℃/S.

4、The bottom shell with one aluminum carved processing, not only quisite and solid, but also greatly enhance

      the heat dissipation rformance.

5、5-inch TFT full HD touch screen, real-time accurate display temperature curve and the instrument running process


6、Friendly and intuitive interface, a shorter time to complete the PCR program parameter setting, convenient and


7、Hot cover can be opened and closed at any time, higher compatible controllability.

8、Program built-in 16 groups commonly used parameter settings, the list flip page preview invoke, convenient and


9、There are  4x8 type modules (unique 8 PCR tube strips compatible modules) combination models

     optional, to meet more experimental needs.

Model MP-32
 Sample capacity 32 hole x 0.2ml
 Temp. control range 8 ~ 99.9℃
 Time adjustment range 1s ~ 60min
 Temp. display resolution 0.1℃
 Temp. control accuracy±0.2℃
 Temp. uniformity±0.2℃
 Max. Heating speed 5℃/s
 Max. cooling speed 4℃/s
 Stored program number16
 Cycle number range 1 ~ 99
 Hot cover temperature 105℃
 Ambient temperature 8 ~ 30℃
 Control interface Touch screen / knob adjustment
 Power supply DC24V,6A 
 Dimensions ( Wx D x H ) 200 x 230 x 85 mm
 Net weight 3.2kgs

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