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Micro Plate Shaker Incubator
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Jual Micro Plate Shaker Incubator

Spesifikasi Micro Plate Shaker Incubator

Product description: ST70-2 Micro-Plate shaker incubator adopts micro processing techniques combined with PID control. Small size, low noise, elegant appearance, simple operation. Mainly used in micro plates, cell culture plate solution which is mixed or incubated at proper temperature. alat laboratorium

Product features

1,LCD display, set and actual temperature display simultaneously, time and shaking speed.

2, User friendly touch operation interface, the streamlined fuselage, beautiful appearance, convenient cleaning.

3, Two-side heating of micro plates that allows achieving exact correspondence of the set and actual temperature in wells of the micro plates.

4, The microprocessor controls the time and temperature, good linearity, temperature oscillation speed accuracy, small fluctuation.

5, Can configure 4 standard microtiter plates and plates, alarm signal after operation ends.

6,Power restore function, equipment can restore to operate as the original set automatically.

7, DC brushless motor drive, long service life, free of maintenance.

Technical parameters
Model                                           ST70-2 Micro-Plate Shaker Incubator                     ST60-4Micro-Plate Shaker Incubator
Temperature Control Range                                                                       RT+5~70℃
Block Temperature Uniformity                                                                   ≤±0.5℃
Temperature Control Accuracy                                                                   ≤±0.2℃
Heating Platform Temperature Accuracy                                                    <0.3℃ (detect at 37℃)
Heating Time                                                                                               <25 min (from 20℃ to 70℃)
Timing Range                                                                                              0~99h59min
Capacity                                             2 pieces of plates                                                        4 pieces of plated
Shaking Speed                                                                                             300-1200 rpm
Shaking Orbit                                     3mm (horizontal)                                                  2mm (horizontal)
Power                                                 150W                                                                          250W
Dimension ( LxWxH)                        284x264x157mm                                                       345x310x178mm


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